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Trends and challenges in the smart city


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Mar, 06th marzo 2018

9:30 am



Payment Innovation Hub

BCN Tech City – Pier 01 Plaça de Pau Vila, 1 08039 – Barcelona


How do you imagine the cities of tomorrow? What will our future transportation system be like? How will new technologies affect the future of smart cities? What role will innovation, startups and large corporations play? Cities around the world use different approaches to implement smart city projects using new technologies for data use and management.
The Payment Innovation Hub brought together a panel of experts to analyze three key pillars for smart cities: smart mobility, IoT and digitalization. A debate on the challenges facing almost all cities: from artificial intelligence systems, sensors, data analysis, transport, network infrastructure and other devices and services.
This event will analyze the concept of a smart city from various perspectives and contexts to discuss common challenges. Through this dialogue, we were able to know the vision of our panel of experts and cutting-edge innovations about the adoption of IoT to make cities safer, more efficient and more accessible. Smart cities can take advantage of sensor networks, human intelligence and data collection to create and share intelligence

Our panel of experts:

- Manuel Prieto Hernández, Telematic Engineer and Economist.
He has more than ten years of experience in means of payment nationally and internationally in companies such as Indra and Banco Santander. He was the principal architect of the solution tested in the first on-board card payment pilot carried out in Spain with the EMT in Madrid and is currently responsible for the implementation of Visa for transport projects in Southern Europe.

- Xavier Oms Villegas Bachelor of Administration and Management
Companies by the UB and MBA by the IESE. His professional career has been linked between the banking and automotive sector. He has held different functions within the CaixaBank vehicle rental area and since 2011 he is the Director of SME Solutions at ARVAL (Multinational leader in the BNPP Group car rental sector), leading the agreement with CaixaBank to operate and develop the mobility of its customers through the rental service. His main professional focus during the last years has been focused on the “democratization” of the renting of vehicles approaching SMEs, freelancers and individuals.

- Antonio Vazquez Brust has a Systems Degree, Planner
Urban and Scientific Data. Your area of ​​interest is the application of
Large-scale data analysis technologies for the study and management of cities. He is a researcher and teacher at the University Torcuato di Tella (Argentina), where he directs the Data Laboratory of the Government School.

- Mara Balestrini is a researcher at Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and a technology strategist. CEO of Ideas for Change, a think tank and consulting company of cities, companies and institutions for innovation, open and collaborative strategies.
She is also the Principal Investigator at Fab Lab Barcelona where
Coordinates Making Sense, a European project that aims to empower citizens through digital manufacturing applied to the design of environmental sensors. PhD in Computer Science from the Intel Collaborative Research Institute on Sustainable Connected Cities (ICRI-Cities) at University College London (UCL). He also has a BA in Audiovisual Communication, a postgraduate diploma in Media Arts and an MSc in MSc in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media.

- Jose Nascimento is responsible for the Metropolis: Lab Barcelona. Nascimento has a postgraduate degree in Economics from
University of London and is a Master Science in Computer Science from Florida Tech University; With a history of more than 20 years in the technological field for different industries, he has worked for the
Hailo taxi application, of which he has been Director of Technology
from 2010.

MODERA Ricard Castellet, CCO in Barcelona Tech City.
Previously in BeRepublic, BeAgency, LetsBonus and Praise.
Bachelor of Sociology from the UAB. Master Coordinator Digital Marketing at La Salle, Ramon Llull University. Collaborator in the Revolució 4.0 radio program in Catalunya Ràdio. With more than 15 years of professional experience in the digital world.
He has developed a large part of his career collaborating in the launch and consolidation of start-ups and in the digitalization of large companies.
Specialist only in constantly learning, he has in the ecosystem of start-ups, digital transformation and social media, his great professional passions.

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